What’s wrong with Sift? Sift collapses, Wrench tries to help his friend.

This is page 18 of Chapter 03. It’s the last page to the first volume of Xenospora. If you want to get a hard copy of Xenospora, you can purchase one here . If you’d like to download the digital version of the second volume you can do so here .

My process is a bit different than the usual web comics artist. I tend to work on one volume at a time. Right now the first two volumes of Xenospora are complete, but only the first volume is up on this website. The second volume is available for purchase and download here .

When I’m done the third volume, I’ll start uploading the second to the website. The third volume is tentatively scheduled for October-November of 2015.

Thanks for reading! Here’s a preview of Xenospora Volume Two.

Xenospora 02