As some of you may already know, I got banned from the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo and by extension all expos operated by that company for a period of 10 years. That includes the Saskatoon Comics and Entertainment Expo which is the closest Fan convention to my home.

I was officially banned for materials I chose to display at my booth, namely the flag displayed in the movies below.

And also for behaviour I engaged in on the evening of Thursday April the 16th at the Calgary Expo. The only referenced incident is my attending a panel called “Women into Comics” where I spoke briefly on a topic brought up by the panelists themselves and then engaged in a back and fourth with them.

You can listen to me speaking up initially here.

And a longer full recording of the panel here.

Feel free to come to your own conclusions if you feel my behaviour recorded at this panel constitutes harassment.

I was approached the morning of the 17th by Expo staff and two security guards and told I was to dismantle my booth and leave immediately. The Expo staff member who approached me refused to give me a reason for my expulsion on record but off the record he told me that they had received multiple complaints via twitter in regards to my behaviour at the panel.

I was given 15 minutes to dismantle a booth that took several hours to put up, without the necessary equipment to do so. In the process parts of my installation were damaged or lost.

I’m currently working with a legal advisor to write up my case which will be served to the Alberta Comics and Entertainment Expo Inc. (the company overseeing the Calgary and Saskatoon Expos.) If they refuse to settle out of court, I will be taking this to court in Alberta based on their violation of contract law and having engaged in injurious falsehood against me by promoting the false allegation that I harassed anyone in the press and to their sponsors.

Since this is happened I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about how I want to go forward with my work on Xenospora. I’ve realized that my reputation has taken a hit in the comics community–apparently my politics are unsavoury; even though nobody seems to know what they are–so it’s unlikely I will pursue promoting my comic any further at conventions or retail stores, but I’ve also come to realize that a once-a-week webcomic doesn’t really work with my work style either.

I’m going to aim to put out a new volume in April of each year. Once I have a new volume ready for sale, I’ll start uploading the previous one to the website.

Alison Tieman