What have I done?

What have I done?

After her illegal engine mods sent her ship, the Deep Sky, into uncharted space and caused a critical hull breach, Anne lost six months of memories.

She doesn’t know who or what rescued the Deep Sky, but less than a year later, the alien Prac invaded a human colony–her former home.

She suspects her lost memories are a clue to why the clandestine cold war between the humans and the alien Prac has turned white hot. She’s willing to break the law to get her memories back and find out why her galaxy is at the brink of war.

The Deep Sky is stranded.

Memories of the way we used to be.

This is not first contact. This is after. When the thrill wears off and it’s no longer just about you. It’s about the gritty reality of another life inhabiting your space, your playground, your reality. Breathing your air, eating your food, shitting in your pot.

You have to learn to accommodate a alien presence with it’s own desires and designs, aims and dreams. You have to learn because the alternative is silence and loneliness. First contact gave you a glimpse of life with instead of life without.

This is a story of how two very different species realized they were better off together than apart. It’s not for kids.

This story takes place in four main locations across the galaxy. Each chapter switches between the four locales. More information here.

This story involves a constellation of characters. More information here.

Creative Team

Alison Tieman

Alison Tieman Alison Tieman (Artist/Writer)


Alison Tieman (Artist/Writer)

Alison Tieman received a Bachelors of Fine Art from the Alberta College of Art and Design and a Masters in Environmental Design from the University of Calgary. She has won grants from the Canadian Council of the Arts and the Alberta Foundation of the Arts. Alison received an award for best Masters thesis for her graduating class.

She combined her experience with design and her undergraduate work in science to create a Theory of Tactile Design–or how to structure information in the medium of tactile sensation.

Xenospora is inspired by a love of science, art and above all, story-telling.

Special thanks to:

Andrea Mirra(Colorist–Chapter 02 onward)

Jim Doyle(Linguist)

Rachel Edwards(Flats)

Ellen Fishbein(Editor)

Michael Sinclair(Editor)

Special thanks to:

Kristal Garcia

Sage Gerard

Dan Mason

Kat Rocha

Mike Stephenson

Hannah Wallen